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Friday, March 8, 2013

Always have the holidays on the brain....

We had an impromptu Lego day at the studio this week when the kids came home from school. They wanted to build some lego cars and have a race. So we sat down and dove into our sons many bins of Lego pieces to start creating. We had recently spent a whole weekend organizing his legos giving each bin its own color. But of course now we're thinking it might have been even more helpful to have each bin have sections for each different sized pieces. Alas that organizing challenge is not really the point the of this post...

When I was trying to think of what to make for my speedster, I was getting pretty overwhelmed with what to do. I was trying to approach this project as I would a new design collection - lots of research and sketches..blah blah. So I just stopped and observed how the kids were working. They just jumped right in and started building! No worries, no second guessing... just having fun. So I took a deep breath and dove in to make what I love and here are the results....I was rather impressed with my trio of Holiday Hot Rods.
 We have the Easter Bunny in his souped up carrot car.
 a haunted Halloween hot rod equipped with claws and spider web wings
and Santa's magical horse drawn sleigh.

All and all it was a fun afternoon even though the kids weren't as impressed with my creations as myself and Lianne were. It didn't help matters when I told them these were just too good to destroy so Daddy is going to glue them together when they were asleep ;)

Any fellow Lego designers out there?

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  1. I love 'em all, Paul!
    We still have a huge stash of legos over here. The kids got older and outgrew their toys, but you never outgrow legos!


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