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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sharing the Love!

Everyday here at the studio we are either working or celebrating some holiday and today is no different. Today we are celebrating Valentine's Day! Yes you heard us right! We know it's September, but we are so excited to see our Valentine's designs in the pages of:
We have been a fan of this wonderful magazine since 2008 and it is the only magazines out there that we know of, that showcases all the holidays in one issue. So for us to be a part of the new 2012 issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations well all we can say is... 
we are tickled pink!

The project that we contributed to the issue is titled: Sweet Mini Valentine's Ornaments. We have a how-to for five of our Swirly Valentine's designs. We updated our popular Swirly Cupids from our Valentine's collection this year to fit more with the look and style of the magazine (if you ever have seen the magazine you can quickly get a feeling of the style of artists that are in the magazine.) We added text to the body of one of the cupid designs and the other cupid we added a heart charm and sliver tinsel glitter. We then did a dry brushing of gold to create more of an aged look.
So get your craft on and make your own version of these sweet swirlies and be sure to send us pictures of your work, we'd love to see it. Look for a copy at your bookstore or you can order a copy here.

Here are a few more shots (not in the issue) that we took here at the studio before we sent them to the magazine.

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