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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Nightime Lantern Parade

Last weekend we attended a fun and quite unique event with the kids we would love to share with you. We visited Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood in Boston, for their 32nd Annual Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade
You create a lantern and at sunset walk around the pond.... better yet this is what the description on the website says:  
The ritual of the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade began in 1984 when people gathered to make a journey with their candle-lit lanterns around Jamaica Pond. Each year approximately 4,000 people arrive at Jamaica Pond on each of two evenings at sunset with their lanterns; many children arriving in full Halloween costume as well. The parade proceeds around the pond, bringing a trail of bouncing lights into the darkness that can be seen from all directions. This beautiful autumn evening ceremony has become an annual tradition in our community. The Lantern Parade has its cultural roots in Dutch tradition. It reflects our dedication to building community by exploring old and creating new cultural traditions.
Here are the lanterns we created with the kids for the event. Making these were so fun and easy. I love that it is a creative project to do with the kids but I can also decorate my house with them.
You'll need a plastic 2 liter bottle, cut the top off and glue color tissue paper around the outside. We used Mod Podge to glue down the tissue. Punch two holes, attach a string and insert a few battery operated tea light candle inside and that's it. Let your creativity run wild when it comes to using the tissue paper. We had loads of fun cutting and gluing!
They look so magical at night.
This was another design we did last minute. The picture is showing the front and back of the lantern.
It was a fun time and we can see ourselves making more lanterns for other occasions to hang in the studio windows.  Hope you all have a Glowing Autumn Season!
xo Lianne & Paul 
(and our little photo bomber son Gryffin)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Road Trip: The Science Behind PIXAR

 When Lianne and I were in art school, many moons ago by the way, we took lots of traditional art and drawing courses in addition to some computer graphic classes since that was a fairly new concept in the art and design world at the time. Now married with children we are a true card-carrying Disney/Pixar fan, so when we heard that a Pixar exhibit was going to be at the Boston Museum of Science we couldn’t be more excited to learn more!
Sure we loved the old school animation classics, but as artists and designers we looked forward to learning more about the magic behind Pixar and how the breathtaking films come to life.

So we thought we would take you along with us on a little road trip inside this magical exhibit
 The Science Behind PIXAR:
It starts with a funny and clever short intro film before you are ushered into the Pixar world 
through the glowing "purple doors", that really set a mood.
Upon entering you are immediately transplanted into the Pixar world. Human-sized statues of a few of the beloved characters greet you throughout the exhibit, like Buzz, Dory, Mike and Sulley.
It was great to see them that big and getting to take a selfie or two with them.

Then onto the different stations. This is really the meat of the exhibit; showing you how each film is made up of specific parts that all come together. The kids really found the interactive components in each section very and engaging.

There is so much in this exhibit, you really should see if for yourself! Not only is the art wonderful, the science and technology is really engaging. Each station is a part of Pixar’s production pipeline: modeling (creating virtual 3D models), rigging (making movement possible), surfaces (applying properties of light to control surface appearances), sets and cameras (using virtual cameras to create 3D scenes), animation, simulation (creating automated motion), lighting (manipulating light to enhance a scene’s mood or believability), and rendering.
 Above, Chloe was playing with lighting a scene from the movie UP.
Lianne and I found these clay sculptures extra striking! The detail on them was so impressive and 
we loved seeing the characters we know and love as clay figures.
The newly released  Inside/Out movie is also represented in this exhibit.
  Not only did each section have something interactive going on, but what we especially enjoyed the video profiles with different Pixar staff members(working at Pixar). 
We loved hearing about how these creatives think and work and what their roles are.

If you get a chance, we would highly recommend visiting The Science Behind Pixar at the Museum of Science in Boston. The exhibit is there until the January 2016.

Meet Misty Mermaid

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Holiday How-to Easter: Petite Bunny Basket

We are so Egg~cited to share our New Polyform Easter how-to:
Create and celebrate Easter with these sweet petite Bunny Baskets. These mulit-purpose designs can be used as d├ęcor pieces, to adore your Easter tree or placecard favors for your guests. Designed by Lianne and Paul Stoddard of Swirly Designs - Handmade Polymer Clay ornaments - these baskets are easy and adorable! You can find the project here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swirly Studio Rainbow wrap up...

It's only fitting to end the challenge with our colorful paint collection.
Thank you to everyone who made our first ‪#‎studiorainbowsupplies‬ challenge so colorful, fun and creative. xoxo

Monday, March 16, 2015

Swirly Studio Rainbow...VIOLET

Studio Rainbow...
We are in day 7 our last day of the challenge, to see if we can gather a few objects around the studio matching the colors of the rainbow and share it here.
Thank you to everyone who join in on the fun on Instagram.
Today's final color is VIOLET. ��
Use the hashtag #studiorainbowsupplies
What Violet supplies do you own?
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