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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What a stressful collection!

What a week we had here at the studio!
We spend weeks preparing and getting ready to launch a new collection online and you can never be to sure what challenges will lie ahead. Like forgetting to add our website link to our Patriotic email that was sent out to everyone on launch day. A little stressful, but we were able to remedy that pretty quickly by resending out another email with the link. OK!
THEN around lunch time we were tweaking the website links and we accidentally deleted something on the website server. OMG!! We totally messed things up BIG TIME! Everything with this collection was missing and lost and the web designer who worked on the site was MIA. That section of the website was down for over 10 + plus hours and wasn't fully working until a few days later. We never felt so helpless and disappointed.

But on the bright side you guys are awesome and always order our Swirly ornaments as soon as they are online (5 of the 12 designs were sold out) so lots of you were able to get your orders early enough before the site crashed and our stress level rose.

We are happy to say we are finally back on track and we promise we will never delete anything again...especially in the middle of a launch.

We had so much fun creating and design this Patriotic collection we just wanted to make sure everyone was able to enjoy these designs. Here are some extra pictures of this collection.

Happy Fourth Everyone!
~ Lianne & Paul

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Patriotic Collection is Here!

We are happy to say our very first Patriotic collection is here! It's been such a whirl wind of a weekend but so worth it. We are going to regroup so enjoy our new collection and later today we will post some more beauty shots of the designs.
~Lianne & Paul

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patriotic collection Update!

Hello all~
Summer days are quickly approaching and we are very excited that our very first Patriotic ornament collection is in the final stages and will finally be online this Monday June 20th for all to see. Everything was going smoothly schedule wise, and we had everything planned to have this collection ready sooner... but of course life added a few speed bumps along the way like... family colds, our little guy finishing up kindergarten, planning his 6th birthday party PLUS we had a BIG holiday project come in the studio that required all our attention for over a whole week (more on that later).

We are finally back on track and wanted to share with everyone a few quick snap shots of what you can look forward to coming this Monday.

Hope to see you there!

*Reminder: have you joined our mailing list? You can be one of the first to be informed when this (and future ones) new collection is online.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Sketchbook Story

If you are like us and enjoy reading and seeing the thought process of how creative people create their work, then you must check out the site called: BluPenny Sketchbook Stories by artist Cindy Ann Ganaden.

Each Tuesday she profiles an artist who share a glimpse into their sketchbook and what inspires the work they create. We came across Cindy Ann's site on Twitter a few months ago and we were hooked. We must have read every sketchbook story in a night and we are happy to say that Swirly Designs is now part of this fun series.

Go and check out our Sketchbook Story here and leave a comment letting BluPenny your thoughts on our story!

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