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Friday, November 19, 2010

Celebrate the holidays with Matthew Mead and Swirly Designs

Nothing says holidays like Matthew Mead and we are super excited to be apart of this truly unique project that he has created. We have been an admirer of Matthew’s work for years and back in March we had a chance to meet him while he was promoting his Flea Market Style magazine. We showed Matthew some of our designs in person, and he said that our work would work great in a new holiday magazine he was producing and self-publishing all by himself (well with a very small core group of creatives). So after 8 months of sending him design samples and corresponding back and forth we now hold this wonderful book~azine our hands.

We have a beautiful full page shot of our fun mini swirly snowman wind catcher ornaments

and this mini snowman pick we created exclusively for his book~a~zine. Matthew who is the king of styling, took our ornaments and created such wonderful visual treats. Really, the whole book~azine is a visual treat. Each page is filled with inspiring images and stories that evoke the very essence of the holidays.

If you love the holidays as much as us please be sure to order a copy of this wonderful book~azine. Matthew is hoping to make this self-publishing project into a quarterly issue.
We sure hope so too. Thank you to Matthew for making our stuff shine!

**Come check back here on Monday and we will be having a Matthew Mead Giveaway to kick off the holiday season!

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