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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swirly Studio Spotlight!

Happy summer.... or is it still spring? The time is flying by this year (can you believe we are approaching the half-year mark already?) In the studio here we are juggling many hats... with designing new collections, creating how-to projects and working on getting more attention for our company.
We are happy to share some fun news:
Our swirly studio was profiled in a two page spread (above) entitled: Cool Spaces: A peek into The Artist's Studio of the spring 2012 issue of The Polymer Arts magazine. The magazine is targeted to professional and aspiring polymer clay artists and we were so happy to be asked to share our work space with our peers.

Since we took some many shots...hundreds I think (thank goodness for digital) and they only used a few in the piece, we thought we would share some more detail shots of our Swirly work space. Enjoy!

Now we are sure you are wondering if this is how the studio looks all the time and we say to that....
Of course it is.......Kidding! When we are in the middle of designing a collection the studio is one BIG organized MESS. Thank goodness getting into a magazine made us clean and clean some more to make it look so pretty.

Here are a few silly shots we did took after a long day shooting! 
It's hard to keep it serious sometimes. 
Enjoy the week!
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