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Friday, April 26, 2013

Color Blocking Birthday Party!

Our sweet and very silly little girl turned 4 this month. With only a week to plan we had been debating on a "theme" to use for her birthday this year. We toyed with a couple of themes -some were character based and some were not. But Chloe wasn't excited about any ideas we had. Until we mentioned... Color (Lianne prefers rainbow) anyways her eyes lit up at the idea! 
So once that was settled the clouds parted in the sky and the ideas just shined down.

Here are some fun shots of the day:
We love to go all out and decorate (crazy artists) for parties even if we were only having a small 
gathering of family members. We decked out our gallery wall with some quick rainbow art. We broke crayons and gluing them into a shadow box. We purchased some plain wood blocks (above) and painted them all various colors for the food table.

The birthday girl adding colorful candies to her cake and being silly with her brother in our large color balloon banner.

Our food table decked out with all the colors blocks. We set up 6 sections and coordinated food containers and we collected some of her favorite toys that were each color of the rainbow. The affect was really neat, and our guests really enjoyed looking at all the fun colorful treats and toys we had on display.

We had lots of fun getting matching candy ~that not only was the right shade but would also be tasty! And our chalkboard got a custom birthday message as well.
Lianne found some wonderful rainbow food inspiration on Pinterest like these colorful 
fruit kabobs and pasta salad. Yum!

And finally before the guests arrived we managed to take a few colorful family pictures...

The good...

and the silly (my personal favorite). 
 Lianne's idea was for each of us was to wear a color in the rainbow...
But our little birthday girl had her own vision and wanted to wear EVERY color:)

Have a colorful day!!
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