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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bye Bye Halloween orders

Thank You! Thank You! Thank you again for another successful launch of our Wicked Ghoulish Halloween collection. The first day was fun because a bunch of ornaments sold out on the first day and now there is only a handful left. We are so happy with all the positive feedback with this years collection. We always find it interesting which designs sell out first. It seems like our Autumn designs were the hot items this year.

So for all of you have placed orders with us, we want you to know we have been busy packaging up all the orders very carefully for their trip to their new homes. And for any one who is considering ordering they are disappearing quickly so order today!

Paul is making the first of many trips to the post office this season.

Happy Autumn everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our New Halloween Collection is online

Our New Halloween Ornaments are finally online! Hope you get a chance to see this years designs. Here are some extra photos we took of our collection. ENJOY!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween in September: Photo shoot wrap up

We are chuckling a bit at ourselves. We find it funny that we are wrapping up our final Halloween in July challenge series post...IN SEPTEMBER! LOL!

We thought that if we challenged ourselves in creating a whole collection in 31 days and blogging about it, that it would force us to stay on schedule. Well we were a little off..what's an extra month or two! But the good thing is that we will have the collection ready in time for Halloween (the collection launches Mon Sept 13th)

Now we are really behind on our Christmas collection YIKES!!! We better get going!!

Photographing a collection is tricky for us to say the least. We are not by any means professional photographers so we aren't going to blog about any tricks or tips on shooting the perfect photo.
Since photographing the collection is always the last minute step we never have time to invest in planning really cool images and set ups. We seem to just take a bunch of shots until we get something that works.

We always question the best type of lighting...should we use natural or indoor lighting? We want to have images that have to have the least amount of color correction afterwards. Another tough decision for us is choosing a backgrounds color that will make the ornaments pop instead of always using white.

We're not gonna lie it's not easy or fun!

We try to create shots that will show off the ornaments in the best possible way. Experimenting with interesting papers and props. We liked the orange color of the sketchbook cover so we tried some shots on there.

We also tried using candy corn in the background for some of the pictures. But they became a little busy so we ate the candy instead. Yum!

We hope for anyone who sees our ornament photos will get a good idea of the designs and feel comfortable that they know what to expect when their ornament arrives in the mail.

For this collection of 17 designs we must have taken over 300 shots with many backgrounds to come up with 17 usable photos. Well post some of the outakes shots on Monday.

So hopefully this little series of posts about putting a collection together was helpful and inspiring to all of you reading this. And to show you the many hats Lianne and myself put on to create a collection for each Holiday.

Thanks again for your support! Come back on Monday to see the new collection.
Lianne & Paul

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you heard the news?

With everything going around here at the studio lately... getting prepared for the upcoming Holidays season and our little guy starting Kindergarten (sniff sniff)....we haven't had time to post a lot but we did want to remind you of another date to remember.... Not only does this day mark the launch of our New 2010 Halloween Autumn ornaments but Monday September 13th also is the start of the 6th season of the Martha Stewart Show which is moving to the Hallmark Channel. Smart move? I guess we will find out. But for us being huge Martha fans to be able to have large blocks of Martha programming all day is exciting! Plus we're looking forward to a new Halloween & Christmas special!

So on Monday morning get your coffee and check out our new designs while enjoying some Martha on the tube. Now that's a "Good Thing".
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