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Friday, November 5, 2010

Swirly is a little bit Country?

Around this time last year we were approached to have Lianne be featured in Country Woman Magazine. We were very excited and accepted, even though it came right when we just moved into our new house and we were living out of boxes.

Well, the magazine arrived in the mail today and we are very happy how it turned out. Truth be told, Lianne couldn't be more further from the country...she was born and raised in the North End, (an Italian neighborhood in the heart of Boston, MA) But we do appreciate the
the profile on our little cottage industry:

We had to take our own pictures and we tried our best to create lifestyle shots. The entry way was the only place that wasn't overloaded with moving boxes.

In this issue we also contributed a Chill Charmer how-to ornament project that is perfect to do on chilly winter weekends.

Hope you are enjoying some of the press we have been getting and let's get ready for the holidays!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your story! Such adorable ornaments. A former clay artist myself turned cardmaker, makes me want to play with clay again! Wish you great success with your business. Janet in SpringTX

  2. Thanks Janet for your comment. We would recommend it highly to start playing with clay again:)
    Happy Holidays


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