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Friday, May 17, 2013

Are you ready for the Summer....

The nice weather is finally upon us here in New England... which means we can venture out of the studio and spend more time sketching outside in the sun ..yahoo!

Sun being the key word here...so without further adieu we are so excited to share with you the start of our new designs Summer: Sand, Sun & Swirly collection.

Once we decided summer was the theme, the wave of ideas just come flowing out.:)

We will put any and every idea on paper and then combine, edit and redraw. The color sketches above are the result of many, many, many rough sketches. And these will still go through another round of  edits once we start working them out in clay. 
COLOR is what helps keeps continuity with any collection. We are really liking the color palette of blues, oranges, yellow/greens and gray for this summer line.
These 3D figures have become a staple in our past collections and they are so much fun to create. We cannot wait to see how these turn out. 

We will keep you posted as the collection progresses. We are planning for a launch date sometime in June.  

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