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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Nightime Lantern Parade

Last weekend we attended a fun and quite unique event with the kids we would love to share with you. We visited Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood in Boston, for their 32nd Annual Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade
You create a lantern and at sunset walk around the pond.... better yet this is what the description on the website says:  
The ritual of the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade began in 1984 when people gathered to make a journey with their candle-lit lanterns around Jamaica Pond. Each year approximately 4,000 people arrive at Jamaica Pond on each of two evenings at sunset with their lanterns; many children arriving in full Halloween costume as well. The parade proceeds around the pond, bringing a trail of bouncing lights into the darkness that can be seen from all directions. This beautiful autumn evening ceremony has become an annual tradition in our community. The Lantern Parade has its cultural roots in Dutch tradition. It reflects our dedication to building community by exploring old and creating new cultural traditions.
Here are the lanterns we created with the kids for the event. Making these were so fun and easy. I love that it is a creative project to do with the kids but I can also decorate my house with them.
You'll need a plastic 2 liter bottle, cut the top off and glue color tissue paper around the outside. We used Mod Podge to glue down the tissue. Punch two holes, attach a string and insert a few battery operated tea light candle inside and that's it. Let your creativity run wild when it comes to using the tissue paper. We had loads of fun cutting and gluing!
They look so magical at night.
This was another design we did last minute. The picture is showing the front and back of the lantern.
It was a fun time and we can see ourselves making more lanterns for other occasions to hang in the studio windows.  Hope you all have a Glowing Autumn Season!
xo Lianne & Paul 
(and our little photo bomber son Gryffin)
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