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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Look who Swirled by the Studio

It's always nice to have visitors come to the Swirly Studio. It's a great way for us to really get the studio clean and organized. (Don't mind the vacuum cleaner, trying to get it spotless!)
Plus it give us another reason to decorate the studio with seasonal flowers.
The visitor we had the pleasure of finally meeting, after working with her only threw social media for the a few years now, is Iris Weiss from Polyform Products. Which makes our all-time favorite crafting material!
Even though there is two of us working here most of the time, it's always nice to exchange stories and ideas with other creative professionals. It was so nice of Iris to visit our little Swirly studio. We had a wonderful time talking shop, sharing marketing ideas and giving her a peak into our new Sculpey & Swirly Halloween and Christmas Holiday how-to projects coming soon!
Be sure to follow Polyform Products on Facebook and Swirly Designs to stay updated on our upcoming how-to projects.
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