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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How~to: St. Patty's Day Shamrock Picks

Swirly Designs is sharing a little Luck O' the Irish with you today! Join us and craft up this simple Shamrock Pick to fancy up your dessert table this Saint Patrick's Day.  
It's easy! Let's get started:

• Green card stock (solid or you can use a print)
• 1/16" hole punch
• heart shape punch
• mini circle brads
• bent nose jewelry pliers
• toothpicks
• green food coloring
• small bowl 
Step 1.
Following the direction on the food coloring box, mix the shade of green that will complement your green paper. Add in your toothpicks and let them sit approx 15 -20 minutes. The longer they sit in the solution the darker your toothpicks will be. 
Step 2.
Remove toothpicks from the dye and let them dry completely.
Step 3.
Take some green card stock and a heart shape punch and punch out three hearts. (You will need three hearts to make one shamrock so for every one you are planning to make times by 3)
Step 4.
Stack the three heart shapes together and with a 1/16" hole punch, punch a hole about an 1/8" up from the bottom of the heart shape.
Step 5.
Insert a mini circle brad through the 1/8" hole in all three heart cut outs.
Step 6.
Open the brad ends and lay your dried tooth pick in the middle, and then close the brad.
Step 7.
Use your bent nose jewelry pliers to secure the brad tighter to your toothpick. Then spread apart your hearts to create your shamrock.
Once you get one done you can really crank these out fast. Use on your cupcakes, Irish soda bread or you can write your guests name on each for place cards.
~Lianne & Paul
This project is for personal, non-commercial use ONLY.

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