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Friday, March 15, 2013

Holiday How-to Easter: Bunny Egg Treat Box

The two of us here at Swirly Designs are so happy to be working again this year with Polyform Products. Together we can share with you some wonderful seasonal how-to projects. Our first
project this year is one of our personal favorites. You can create this really sweet and practical
Bunny Egg Treat Box. Find the how-to here. You can fill it with special treats for your kids basket, add it to your holiday centerpiece or even make it the golden prize for your annual egg hunt.   

The clay used in this project is called Model Air, air dry clay from Polyform. If you haven't tried it, we would really recommend experimenting with it. It's perfect for this type of project because you don't have to cook your piece and worry about the papier mache egg in your oven. But it is a lot more messier than we are used to working with since we mostly have worked with a cleaner clay like Premo for our own designs. That did take a little time getting use to. We kept a spray bottle and roll of paper towels with in hands reach so we could keep our hands clean.... but  you know it's good to get messy especially when you're in your creative groove.
Our project shows how to make feet for your bunny egg, but we also created a few without feet. On those we just decoupaged the bottom half of the egg with colored tissue paper, paint mini flowers and added a dusting of glitter. These work great to compliment your footed bunny. They also work if you plan on keeping them in a basket because they tend to be a little top heavy and roll over without the feet support. 
Let your creativity go crazy and paint your bunny to fit your own holiday decor. 

These are all the versions of the bunny egg we created for this how-to project. Once we made one they just started muiltiplying. :-)
The bigger the papier mache egg you choose to use in this project the more treats they can hold.
If you like this project and want to keep seeing Swirly Designs create more, be sure to visit Polyform Products facebook page and share your thoughts. You can also visit the Swirly Designs facebook page and share your feedback and share pictures of your finished Bunny Egg Treat Box.
Have a fun and Swirly Easter!
xo Lianne & Paul 
This project is for personal, non-commercial use ONLY.

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