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Monday, March 25, 2013

Swirly Bunnies for you!

Well, here we are a week before Easter and I think we may be a little crazy. Since Easter is soooo early this year, we just couldn't get stuff together to do a full ornament collection. Guilt set in, and over the weekend we scrambled to put together some Swirly bunny cupcake ornaments that we have been working on the last few days.

It is a first come, first serve basis! So make your selections quickly and email us your name and shipping address to sales@swirlydesigns.com. We'll let you know if you got them.

We'll send PayPal invoices via email unless you specify that you'd rather pay by check. Email us if you have questions.

The details:
Small bunny is $22 and the large one is $26; shipping will be $5.

The fine print: Because it's the week before Easter, we can't guarantee you'll receive them before Sunday, but we'll try our hardest!
These are the TWO LARGE BUNNIES  $26 each
SDE~001 & SDE~002

Are small bunnies are all sold out. Thank you!
Your bunny will be delivered wrapped like a festive carrot.

Small Orange Bunny  $22 each

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