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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Didn't make the cut!

Sometimes not every sketch in our sketchbook translates well into clay. These aren't terrible but they might just need a little more tweaking and rethinking. Most of the time our collection launch deadline doesn't allow us to go back and forth to make it just right, so we’ll pass on them and maybe revisit them for our nex collection.   

Here are a few examples from our recent Valentine's collection faux pas that for some reason or another didn't work.
Our sketch of this Swirly Love bird delivering a sweet Valentine looked so cute with the bird holding the Valentine letter and the heart wings, but something just didn't click. Maybe it was the shape of the eyes or the size of the beak? Hmm. We even added color to see if it would pop or something.
Nope. Nada. Didn't quite work out.
So the few mock-ups of these love birds we did produce are displayed on our little tree in our entryway.

Hearts come in all shapes and sizes and coming up with new versions each year quite a challenge. These hearts just didn't work. The sweetheart design was just too big and bulky; the be mine heart color wasn't doing it; and the crepe paper on the love heart had way too many layers. Oh well.

Even this little guy went through a few changes before landing into our Winter Love set.

The original sketch had him wearing a snow cap ....nah.
How about a party hat and a flower? Super cute, but just not the right fit for the collection set.
There is really never any mistakes when we are creating, and we feel it's is all part of the creative process.

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