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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Behind the design of our Swirly Leprechaun

As we welcome March, we realize that it also happens to be National Craft Month! What a terrific reason to celebrate! Try a new technique or perhaps you can teach someone how to do your favorite craft.

So with St.Patrick's day quickly approaching we thought we would share with everyone how we created this lucky little Leprechaun ornament from this years collection.

After having many requests about making St. Patrick's ornaments we decided to included a few designs with the 2010 Valentine's Day collection launch and the response was very positive. We are happy to say we have included St. Patrick' s Day ornaments to the Swirly family and are excited to share these holiday designs each year that sparkle in tones gold and greens. Perfect for that gold feather tree in the hall. Cheers!

First thing is the sketching. We came up with some iconic images to represent St. Patty's day and hands down we agreed on a lucky little leprechaun. To create this design we decided to create and sculpt a handmade stamp similar to the one we designed for our popular Old St. Nick's designs we had offered last Christmas.

Once we got the look we liked of the Leprechaun, we'll then draw it on trace paper so we can transfer it onto a white eraser. Using a linoleum block cutter tool (which comes with interchanging size blades) we carve away the eraser to create our leprechaun stamp.

So here is the finished stamp it doesn't look like much now.... but just wait.

Now we'll test the stamp in our sketch book to see how it's going to look, making sure the detail is all there before we use it in the clay. We noticed the shamrock needed some adjustments and we were deciding if we should include a rainbow in his hands or not.

Once the clay base is made we will stamp it into a thinner piece of clay, add some details with our stylus, like features and hair and then continue finishing up the ornament. We paint, varnish & glitter and we end up with a glittery dancing lucky leprechaun!

Here is the Old St. Nick stamp and ornament we did for Christmas. We just love the look of this handmade, old wood cut feel these stamps evoke.

There is still time to purchase one of the last of our Swirly Leprechaun or Shamrock ornaments just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Check out the Shop Our Designs page link.

Have a wicked awesome St. Patrick's Day and Happy Crafting!
~Lianne & Paul

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