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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things we LOVE!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day.

We didn't do anything for each other mainly because we have been celebrating, designing and thinking Valentine's for the past two months. So yesterday was all about the kids (when isn't it?). The whole day was full of things they love to do. So we played games, did crafts made brownies and cookies which we decorated after dinner and watched some Valentine's specials that we DVR'd.

Today got us thinking about things we love and we thought we would share some for today's post since February is the month of love. So here are a few things that make us swoon (of course we aren't going to list family or friends... that's a given!)

We LOVE curling up in a big chair next to a window when the sunlight is pouring in.

We LOVE visiting our favorite blogs to read their new posts of the day.

We LOVE going to the bookstore and discovering new holiday themed magazines and books. Counting down the minutes to all the new Easter/Spring issues.

We LOVE the feeling minutes after we send out our e~mailer announcing our new ornament collection is online.

We LOVE reading and listening (podcasts) about other artists and crafters work and how they create. Here are a few of our top favorites:
Escape from illustration Island and Ask Tara Reed
the creative mind of Holli Conger illustration tips series and Blu Penny Sketchbook stories

We LOVE a clean and organized studio

We LOVE getting mail and receiving packages. How exciting it is to get little (or sometime large: we are expecting our shipment of clay for the year any day now) gifts delivered right to our front door.

We LOVE making lists and being able to cross off completed tasks when done....Like this weeks post which is our 200th!

Comment and share with us some of the things you LOVE about the simple things in life.
Enjoy the week:)


  1. Hey guys - your Valentine line was inspired - so very cute! This is a great post about the sweet simple things in life...and I share many of your "Loves" too. I would add that I love watching the squirrels and birds scampering in my yard, something I used to think was SO boring when I saw my grandparents doing it for what seemed like hours as a kid. I also love a simple picnic in a park...something I don't do nearly often enough. Oh, and I do so love that first cup of coffee in the morning :o)

    Thanks for this post...I *loved* it! :o)

    Hugs & Blessings,

    PS - can't wait to see what y'all come up with for Spring!!!

  2. Great post...it really is the simple things that make us the most happy i think....wondering where you order your clay and what the shipping charges are like on a year's worth of clay. Also, what brand do you use?
    Your Valentines collection made me smile!!

  3. Thanks Becky & Katie for your comments and for sharing what you guys LOVE.

    Have a Swirly Day!


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