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Friday, March 11, 2011


We are EGG-erly awaiting Spring here at the studio. These last few weeks we have been bouncing around sketching away, and creating some new how-to projects and we've been trying to check out all the new Easter treats that are hitting the stores.

Easter is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate and to design for. We are EGG-cited that it's coming a little later this year, so we will have plenty of time to design a wonderful collection for your Easter/Spring festivities. Last year we missed out on a new collection because Easter came earlier than we expected and didn't plan enough time to create. So to make sure that won't happen to us again we did a little searching to find out when Easter will fall in the next few years and this is what we found:
In 2012 Easter will be on April 8th-Early!
In 2013 Easter will be on March 31st! Very early, ikes! Can you say green bunnies?

We are going have to start planning NOW for those future dates!

But back to 2011. Our new Easter/Spring collection hopefully will be online in early April so make sure you have signed up for our email list so you will be notified when the collection is online.

** Update on our sketches... they are done now on to the clay....

bunnies bunnies and more bunnies.

Just a sneak peek to get you egg-cited!


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  1. Hi Swirly Team,

    Oooh, I want that ONE! With the bunny in it. So adorable! I'm sooo gonna order it.



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