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Monday, April 6, 2009

An Easter filled weekend

Hoppy Monday!

Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend. Our weekend was an Easter weekend for sure.

We took our 3 year old to meet the Easter Bunny at the mall......
Then he had a blast at the town's egg hunt on Saturday morning......
Helped him make a bird house at Home Depot's Kids Workshop......
Semi-permanently dyed his finger tips painting Easter eggs.....
and finally bounced around like a bunny at a friend's bouncy house birthday party.

We hope we will be able to keep this pace up when our new addition arrives on the 15th.

And just a reminder with Easter less then a week away, TODAY is the deadline to place your order for our Spring Easter ornament collection in time for your Easter celebration.

And finally this Tuesday we will have our carrot how-to ready to post. Have you tried our cute little mini Bunny How- to project? If so, please send us some pictures of your results we would love to see how they turned out.


  1. Congrats on your pending new arrival!! :-) Love all your creations. LindaSonia

  2. I've just made a couple of the bunnies you showed us how to make on the website - I love them!! (not quite as nice as yours though!!). Can't wait to see how to make the carrots too! Thank you and good luck on the 15th!


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