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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mini Swirly Bunny How-to

This project is for personal, non-commercial use.

This sweet little project is just in time for your Easter tree. Or you can make a string of garland of mini swirly bunnies for your entry way or add a bunny to the handle of a special someones Easter basket this year.
We are sure once you make one they will keep multiplying like the real thing!

• 2oz White Polymer clay
• Craft glue
• pink ribbon
• 3/4" eye pins
• pink & white craft paint
• Extra fine crystal glitter or pink glitter
• Glossy varnish
• black 3D paint

• oven
• toothpick
• ceramic tile

Step 1.
Condition the white clay. In the palm of your hand, roll the clay into a egg shape approximately 1" in size. Place aside.

Step 2.
With another piece of clay roll out a thin snake for the ears of your bunny.

Step 3.
Take about an 1" long piece and form an ear-like loop shape. Create two loops to form the ears of your bunny then blend or smooth the ends into the face of the bunny.

Step 4.
Make a small ball for the tail of you bunny and press it into the end of the bunny.

Step 5.
Using a toothpick make a Y shape in the front of your bunny to indicate his nose and mouth.
You could also make the eyes using the toothpick too.

Step 6.
Take the eye pin and gently insert into the top of your bunny so that just the loop holder is showing. Cut the eye pin to size, so it doesn't stick out the bottom of your bunny. Then place your bunny on the ceramic tile and bake in the oven according to the packaging. (if you don't want to use baking clay, you can also try air-dry clay which could work too)

Step 7.
Once it is baked, let it cool for about 20 minutes or so. Give it a quick sand with fine sand paper.
This makes the paint adhere to the bunny better.

Step 8.
Now you are ready to paint and give your bunny his expression. Put a quick coat of white on your bunny so it is a nice true white.

Using pink paint, give your bunny his nose and cheeks

Don't forget to add some pink into your bunnies ears. Then add black 3D paint for his eyes.
Once the paint dries add two coats of a glossy varnish and let dry.

Step 9.
Now you can add the glitter!
Take some craft glue and put it into a little cup and add a hint of water so the glue won't be too thick. Adding glue and glitter to small parts is easier than adding glue all over.

Step 10.
Take pink ribbon and insert into the eye hole and tie a knot.

That’s it - that is how you make your very own Swirly mini bunny!

How cute is he!!

Have fun... be creative... use your own imagination to create your own herd of bunnies!

You can easily keep embellishing this little bunny with spots or strips or flowers. You can even change the color of the bunny - make it multicolored! The possibilities are endless.
Happy Easter

Coming Up Next:
What's a bunny without his carrot?
We will show you how to make these yummy mini swirly carrots.


  1. Oh these are just too darn cute!!! Thanks for sharing how you make them.

  2. SOOOOOOOOO cute!! i love your artwork, just LOVE it! i may go get out my fimo...
    i put some (store bought) bunny's on my blog that are paper mache, i may have to get that out too!

  3. Those are BEYOND adorable and I am sitting here with my mouth open as I take it all in! You are so talented! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  4. Hi Liann and Paul. I just repinned your adorable bunny and had to come see your blog. You've done such a good job on the tutorial I might even be able to make it.

    Thanks for sharing it.
    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute
    your newest follower. I'd love to have you visit and follow me too.

  5. Oh, how I love these!! Thank you a million times over for the instructions! Can't wait to try my hand at these cuties!!

  6. Hello I found you through pinterest and I love your beautiful blog. I am your new follower!!! If you get a chance stop by and visit me at http://teacottagepretties.blogspot.com/ Hugs, Beverly

  7. What exactly is clear varnish? Is that just a clear paint?

    1. Hi Amy~ We use Delta Ceramcoat varnish either matte or glossy finish whichever you prefer because you'll cover the bunny with glitter.

  8. Hi there - any chance you can make them and I can buy them from you?

    1. We do have a few in the studio. Email us at info@swirlydesigns.com with more info. Thanks


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