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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Easter time.....

Now that our Spring/Easter collection is done (Monday April 6th is the ordering deadline) we can switch our focus on celebrating one of our all time favorite holiday. Having a child and one on the way, we get to relive all of our childhood memories again & again.

Something about this season with the flowers starting to bloom and the bright pastel colors of spring just makes you feel good, especially living here in New England. The weather is getting warmer and you can actually venture outside with only a light jacket. We have been searching for any local egg hunts around the community here to take part in. Although we haven't made the trip to visit the Easter bunny yet - maybe this weekend.

We did offer to organize our family egg hunt this year. Not a huge egg hunt, but we do have to fill approx 50 or so eggs. We made the trip to the local candy store and couldn't resist all their yummy treats.

How cute is this little chocolate bunny

Today I spent the morning blowing out 4 dozen eggs and boiling two dozen for our family egg painting event. Here are some pictures of the eggs our son painted last year for the first time. Not bad for a two year old. We found the best tool (I think we might have heard this from Martha last year) to use is a baby nasal aspirator. You make a tiny hole on the top of the egg and a little bit bigger one on the bottom then stick a tooth pick inside to break the yolk and then you cover the top hole with the nasal thing and squeeze it and all the egg runs out. We found by using this tool you have many less egg casualties. We would highly recommend trying it. But please make sure you get your sharpie and mark your nasal aspirator egg blower so you don't accidentally reuse it on your children. Yuck!!

Another find we came across last year that we thought was extremely clever was an Easter Bunny's Magical Key made by Hallmark. Similar to the Christmas key for all those families who don't have a fireplace. With the Easter key your child places it on your door knob so the Easter bunny can get in your home to hide the eggs.
Our little on loved this idea last year and when he heard that Easter is coming soon, he's looking forward to hanging up the key again.

What sort of traditions do you for Easter? Leave a comment and share your thoughts and ideas.
~Happy Spring, Happy Easter

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