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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Sweet + Swirly collaboration

These cookies will last forever!
We have been meaning to post this exciting news on the blog here for months but everything happened so fast this season, that we just kept getting side tracked.
But if you are following us on Facebook or
visited us at our craft shows this season you most likely already know. 
But for the few who may not know here is a quick run down. 
Dani Fiori, founder of SweetDaniB.com, is a cookie decorating expert. Her clients include Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren as well as many other party and event hosts who agree with her mantra that "Life is Sweet!". Her holiday cookies have been featured in several top publications such as 
Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping and Real Simple. 

When Dani was looking for a way to preserve her cookie designs, she found us through social media earlier this year and thought what a great way to have her cookies last forever for her customers!  After a few chats through email we knew this was such a nice fit for both of us.  Dani has such beautiful cookie designs that we all felt feel and look of what we create here at Swirly Designs.  We are always looking for something new to offer each year and from the responses we received, everyone one felt the same way. A Sweet + Swirly collaboration was born! 
The two cookie designs we decided to try for this Christmas season was a Santa and a Snowglobe.
What we found challenging but also fun about creating these cookies is trying to replicate in clay the texture and color of gingerbread, making the clay resemble her white sprinkles for Santa's beard and searching for just the right seed beads for the snow in the Snowglobe. All the while making sure these designs represents Dani's cookies but also have that Swirly twist to them.

Comparing the faux with the real deal.

  These Snowglobe cookies are waiting for some sparkly glitter and paper snowflakes.
We were thrilled of how cute these Santas came out with their faux sprinkles beard, candy cherry nose and glittery suit.

As we were finishing up the final touches to these designs, Dani happened to be in the area in late October doing a show in Rhode Island; so she and her husband made a little detour after the show and stopped by to meet us, see the studio and the work in progress of the ornaments. 
You can check out her thoughts here.

What makes these limited edition ornaments extra sweet, is that they are all signed with love by Dani & Swirly Designs on the back and come packed similar to how Dani packages her real cookies!
If you missed out on getting your own Sweet + Swirly limited faux Santa or Snowglobe designs.  I believe we might have less then a hand full left. Pick one up now for next year or stay tuned to see if something else comes out of this yummy collaboration. ;-) 
Lianne, Dani, and Paul in the Swirly Studio.
Sweet + Swirly
Dani also treated our little ones with some of her really sweet cookies and these pictures say it all.   

Have a Sweet + Swirly Christmas!

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