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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A little Swirly Christmas eye candy

As Christmas comes to end for us here at Swirly:( we can finally take a breather for a bit and get caught up with our blog and share some fun happenings until we have to jump right back into Swirling a new holiday collection.

The months leading up to any holiday launch are quite busy; we are juggling lots of different things here at the studio. On one hand we are designing and finishing up all our new designs; on the other we are photographing each piece and getting them ready to go online. And then on the other hand we have the business part which involves monitoring the website, keeping up with emails and processing all the orders-making sure all orders are packaged and shipped to ensure everyone gets their Swirlies in time for their celebration. Sometimes we wonder how it all gets done, but if the big red suite wearing, white bearded guy can do it all in one night, then we can too!

Knowing that we have such wonderful followers we always try to take as many pictures as we can of our collections. Most of the designs will find new homes and we're left with only the images to enjoy. Here are some of those "beauty" shots that we just thought were too nice not to share.

And bear with us over the next week or so as we catch up with the blog - we may be posting A LOT! There'll be more Swirly posts to enjoy!


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