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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be Green and make your own LORAX!

This project is for personal, non-commercial use.

Our kids have been eagerly awaiting The Lorax movie since seeing the trailer last fall. They also received the book for Christmas and we must have read it to them once a week since then. They know it word for word. So you know where we will be heading this weekend... but before that we thought we would create a little LORAX how~to in celebration of the Lorax and Dr. Seuss' upcoming birthday.

**The orange handle lino cutter in the picture above is not something you need for this project. We used this to create the hair texture then realized a toothpick could work just as well.

Materials for the Lorax
• 2 oz White, Orange & Yellow Premo Polymer clay
• 1/4 circle cutter
• black craft paint
• toothpick
• super slicer
• 20 gauge wire and wire cutters
• Sculpey Ultra Light
• oven
• ceramic tile
• drill

Materials for the Truffula Trees
• bamboo skewers
• fuzzy pom poms
• yellow and black craft paint
• glue
• paint brush

Materials for the Green hill
• 2 oz Green Premo clay
• toothpick
• paper flowers

To make the Truffula Trees. Paint the bamboo skewers yellow. Once dry use a dry brush and paint your black stripes. add glue to the end of your skewer and insert your fuzzy pom poms. Cut skewers to various sizes.

We created an egg shape armature with the Ultra light sculpey (make and bake the armature first) to insert in the center of the Lorax. It will make it lighter to stay on the skewer. If you don't plan on making it a plant stake then you don't have to make the armature.

Using the orange clay, we rolled and sculpted the body. Use a bamboo skewer to help form and mold the legs. Use a piece of the wire to insert into both of the arms to give it more strength. Once you decide the placement of your arms smooth them to the Loraxs' body.

Using a 1/4" circle cutter, make the eyes and eye lids. Roll out a small orange oval for the nose and a small snake for the mouth.
Take some yellow and shape the eyebrows and mustache. Then add the features to the face.

Once the Lorax is complete, use a toothpick to create the fur.
Then place your figure on a smooth ceramic tile and bake in your oven according to the manufacturer's instructions. Let cool.

Once cooled, use some black craft paint to paint the mouth and eyes.

If you want to make it a plant stake like the image below, use a power drill and very carefully drill a hole in the bottom the width of your bamboo skewer.

There you have it. You can make a bunch of these Lorax plant stakes which make a neat gift for your teacher or family members for spring or Earth Day. UNLESS....

...you want to create a little "scene" with a green hill and paper flowers and some Truffula trees.

Enjoy and have fun creating your own little Lorax world.
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Here is the what our 6 year old created while we were making this how-to.
Definitely LORAX approved!
~Lianne & Paul

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your Lorax Plant Stakes! I was actually wondering if you would be interested in making a few more of them to sell? My little one's first birthday is coming up and I'd really love to be able to give these out in little plants as favors, if possible. Thanks!


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