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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Smurf-tastic find

This is a slightly different type of post for us but we thought some of you with kids might enjoy it.

This week our little guy has sparked some interest in the new Smurfs movie. Any child of the 80s will remember the beloved cartoon series that featured these little blue creatures.

I thought how fun it will be to share with him the fun we had watching the Smurfs. I was able to show him a few episodes on On-Demand which he seemed to like for a 30 yr old show.

I remember when I was younger my mother would take me to the local gift shop where they had this huge display of Smurf figures in the window and I would be in awe of the variety of Smurfs they had and how hard it was to choose the one I like best.

Today I took a ride over to my parents house to search in their basement to see if I could find my old Smurf stash. Two hours later I came across this blue storage box in the far corner of the basement covered in dust and lo and behold it was my Smurf collection!

I had forgotten how MANY I had collected way back then (approx 168 figurines!) ....and that I had all the villages too. What can I say, I was a collector even back then!! I'm so glad I kept them and that I can share them with my kids today.


Holiday themed Smurfs! How appropriate that they are some of my favorites!

Anybody else want to fess up of their enjoyment of these tiny blue people? C'mon I know you are humming the theme song now....

Oh, and I also found a few record albums too....anybody kmow how I can explain those to the 6-year old? He was very perplexed!



  1. I totally had some of these! How fun that your kids can enjoy them too.

  2. That's awesome! I wonder??? My parents still have several of my toys (barbie, strawberry, carebears, pony...) I wonder if smurfs are in there too!

  3. My mom is a Dental Hygienist and has the one with the toothbrush and toothpaste in her room at the office! I had a bunch when I was a kid, and my Dad used to call me Smurfette. We have been watching on demand too! LOL!


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