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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Halloween in July: Still sketching....

It's been over a week since our last post and there are 10 days left in July. Well from the looks of it we can tell you right now that it would take a miracle to complete our whole Halloween collection in 10 days!

Back in the day, (before kids!) we probably could pull it off. But we have faith! It still feels like we are ahead of the game and like we mentioned in our last post the ideas and sketches are the most important factor in any collection and sometimes you just can't rush through it.

We took this photo today of our work table, lots of things going on to create the perfect collection. The small sketch book (bottom right) is our idea/doodle book everything goes into this: thoughts, phrases, inspirations. We have tons of those sketches books swirling around the studio here. Then once we feel we have enough ideas to work from (or we just have to move on) we will go through the pages and redraw and fine tune them. Then we will rework them again on trace paper where we will also play with color. The big black portfolio under the sketch book and papers is where we keep all our finalized sketches so we can quickly reference past collections. Of course even with perfect sketches we still need to leave room for happy mistakes as we like to call them.

Have a great rest of the week.
~Lianne & Paul


  1. Love your work!!! One day you could publish a sketch book... with all those littile drawings, it is sure to be a hit :-)

  2. Yes it would I love looking at their sketchbooks


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