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Monday, December 22, 2008

A fun little Christmas find

We found this little snowman last year while shopping at Blue Tulip and thought it was a clever and cute idea that we wanted to share. It was labeled Hidden Treasures on the tag and read: This figure contains five special ornaments wrapped in a tissue spiral. This peeked our curiosity of what sort of tiny treasure were going to be inside. The ornament wasn't cheap and did we really want to rip apart this little guy to find some cheap plastic little items. We asked the sales clerk if she had a sample one showing what was inside but she did not. So we purchased one and went home and started peeling away the snowman.

after peeling away the whole snowman body you are left with only his head and these really surprisingly cute ornaments.

So we picked up a little tree and the ornaments look great on it. Don't you think? So of course we were hooked, and after the holidays we went back to the store and purchased whatever ones that were left. We got a bunch more snowman, santas, a few reindeer & penguins. We have them all over our tree this year so when we have little visitors come by they can pick an ornament and start there own collection.

We think the store would have sold much more of them if they had a sample of the what the ornaments look like to justify the cost of an ornament that was meant to be ripped open.
Did anyone else see these last year? We just wanted share this little treasure we found.
~Happy searching.

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