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Friday, November 7, 2008

Bye for now... Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion Magazine

We got a call a few weeks ago from another magazine telling us she saw our ad in the Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion (MEHC) magazine and was wondering what we were going to do since MEHC magazine is ending there publication after 12 years with the Dec 08/Jan09 issue. (Shocker!!) They wanted us to advertise with them now. Well I was to a little confused since I hadn't heard anything and we just placed an ad in the Dec/Jan issue and was about to place one for the Valentine issue. We even just renewed our home subscription for two years! I thought this was a really tacky way to get someone to advertise in there magazine. So I informed them I would think about it and would let them know. After emailing our MEHC ad rep –who has yet to reply to our emails–and a made a comment on their website, we came across this media release.

It looks like MEHC ended there publication agreement and will be seeking a new publisher.

So, for now no more MEHC after this latest issue. We really enjoyed advertising in as well as a being a faithful reader for 12 years. Here at the studio, we keep all her issues to be inspired by and for wonderful ideas.

Above is the cover of the Premier issue of MEHC from 1996. Every issue featured one of Mary's fun and whimsical illustrations until....

Mar/Feb of 2002 when some would argue they jumped the shark when they switched to an all photographic cover.

Well lets hope we haven't seen the last of MEHC magazine.

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