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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween and costume design

It's been awhile since our last entry. Things are crazy here at the studio. We are getting ready to launch our new 2008 Holiday collection. Which is unfortunately running behind schedule. We hope to get is up very soon so bear with us. Make sure you are on the mailing list so you will be informed as soon as we have the collection up. This year it's going to be very limited so make sure you order early.

Our first craft show of the season is coming up really fast-Nov 7-9. Next week our magazine ads will be hitting stores from Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion and Romantic Homes.

This time of year is really tiresome for us to juggle both business and personal stuff. Being that we need to push and create our holiday ornaments, but also make sure our son has a fun holiday experience. Here are a few photos of his Halloween costume. Gryffin decided that he wanted to be a tree this year. So we gathered some leaves and made a felt owl and squirrel and glued them to a yellow shirt.

We here at Swirly Designs want to wish everyone Spooktaluar Halloween.
Have fun and eat lots of candy!!


  1. that is about the cutest tree I ever saw...and a very clever costume...I love the home made ones...when I was a kid you always made your own costumes, they didn't have them in the stores then, so my Dad would always spend weeks helping us make what we wanted to be. It was all part of the Halloween fun!


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  3. Oh my goodness - your creations are just gorgeous. Wonderful whimsy!

  4. How like him to be just like you guys and come up with something classy and different.


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