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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Martha Crafts at Walmart

The more you visit and read our blog here at Swirly Designs, you will soon realize we love the company MSO Martha Stewart Omnimedia. We love her design aesthetic, her projects and even her packaging. Anyone who can give a new spin on holiday designs are top in our books.
The other day we happen to see the new commercial for Martha Crafts, now available at Walmart. We just had to check it out. We are always looking for new and fun craft tools for the studio and also just for pure inspiration.

We don't scrapbook here at Swirly but you would never know that with all the materials we pick up. The possibilities are endless of what you can do with the fun embellishments that are out on the market now. We mostly use them for inspiration but we also are playing with adding them to new ornament designs. Talking about inspiration, in an upcoming blog entry we'll post pictures of our inspiration boxes the stuff we collect for upcoming holidays.

These scissors are a must for everybody's craft room. We have one of Martha's available at Michaels, but could always use a second one.

We picked up this white glitter pack. We are always looking out for real nice sparkly clear or white glitter to enhance our ornaments. Some glitters just don't have the right sparkle.
We actually got in touch with the Glitter Fairy. She is Martha's go to girl on glitter on her TV show. Check out her site, she loves to glitter. She gave us some great resources on which brands and types to try for our ornaments.

These were just a few of the items we picked up. There were lots of kits, rubber stamps, scrapbook paper, stickers and a whole wedding collection. We think it's worth a trip to check them out. You can bet we'll be there to see what she has planned for the fall and the upcoming holidays.

Happy Shopping!

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