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Monday, August 4, 2008

Here comes the… cake?

Some of you may remember from our old website a section we had on our Custom Wedding Cake orders.
We created mini replica ornaments of your wedding or special occasion cake. A section that was extremely popular and continues to be even though we haven't had info posted on our new site for the past year. Well, you'll all be happy to know we will be adding it back to our website again in early 2009. Here is how we came upon creating these wonderful pieces:

When Lianne and Paul married in 2000, their biggest challenge wasn’t planning the wedding, designing the invitation, or figuring out the seating chart. It was more about finding the perfect “1st Christmas together” ornament for their tree.
Since they married in October, they thought it would be easy to find one
in the coming months. But the task proved to be too difficult.

Since they were already in the production stage of some of their Swirly Designs holiday ornaments they tried their hand at making a custom ornament for themselves. And what symbol would be more perfect than their own wedding cake, which was originally designed by Lianne?

Their first attempt was a success! A friend saw it on their tree and immediately put an order in for one of her own. Since then, Lianne has been perfecting her skill in recreating unique cake designs from photographs provided by her customers. These specialty ornaments are ideal for wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary gifts. To learn more about how you can have Lianne create a replica Wedding Cake Ornament.

Creating a mini replica of the cake is extremely challenging. To make sure your piece looks proportionate to the original cake design, we study the pictures very carefully and map out what size it should be. Lianne prides herself in details, so she really tries to capture every little flower, swirl, dot and ribbon she can see from the supplied photos.

Painting the flowers on the top of the cake to match the photograph.

Here are some finished samples we have done over the years. We really strive to make each ornament special and capture that personal touch for each couple. As an added gift to the couple, we include a hand painted painted gift box matching the look of the cake. Each cake has the couples name and date on the bottom of the ornament.

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