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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our First Reading Fall Street Faire

Hello Friends! Swirly participated in our first Fall Street Faire in our hometown a few weeks ago.

We visit the event every year with the kids and always left saying "Gee, next year we should get a booth and give it a try". Well, things happen and we always seem forget to register. :-(

This year, however, we remembered! And we're glad we did. The weather was sunny and pleasant, which brought in the crowds. The event organizer estimated approx 10,000 people visited this one day event, choc full of local businesses. Having two kids in the school system here, we were visited by many of our school friends, parents, teachers and neighbors. It was funny that they were all kind of surprised and a little puzzled to actually see what we make and do for a living. I guess we aren't the heaviest self promoters of what we do when socializing with our community.

Crowds of people roam the streets visiting and supporting the community.
Our booth is all set up and ready. (It was quite windy that day, so our table cloths were blowing)
Our two Swirly Helpers manning the booth.
A framed process helps explain what polymer clay is and how we make our Swirlies.

All and all it was a fun day. Having our kids join us for a large part of the day helping pass out business cards was great. And when the event was over and the car was packed up it was especially nice to know we were only a 5 minute car ride home!

Remember to Shop Local and Buy Handmade!

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