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Monday, October 8, 2012

Meeting Author Kari Chapin

A few weeks back I was able to sneak out of the studio a little earlier (thanks to Lianne:) and head into Boston for a talk/signing event that I saw on Facebook with Author Kari Chapin. She wrote the perfect book for anyone who has a handmade business—the bestselling craft book of 2010: The Handmade Market place: How to sell Your Craft Locally, Globally and Online and her follow up Grow your Handmade Business.

It was held in a little cafe/bookstore on Newbury Street. Kari was very open and honest about her own creative endevours and shared lots of knowledge with the small crowd. These more intimate events are always so much better because you really get a lot more information and it's easier to talk and listen to others share their stories.

Check out Kari's blog for a run down of the nights events which she sums up so nicely. 

Lianne and myself are really looking forward to reading this book once we wrap up our holiday designs, so we can start 2013 with better knowledge on how to grow our swirly business to the next level.    

Here I am with Kari after she signed my book. Thanks Kari for such a fun event!

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