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Thursday, November 17, 2011

In the Studio: Embellishing ornaments for a Craft show

We have been busy busy busy working around the clock gearing up for our craft show this Saturday. There is still sooooo much more to do before Saturday. Today in the studio is all about adding embellishments to our ornaments with paper messages, 3-D paint, bells and lots and lots of GLITTER.

Enjoy the peek into the studio.

We have to set up extra tables around the studio so we can spread out the ornaments to dry.

A spool of wax twine works great for making bows and stringing paper messages on two of our new designs this season.

It's not Christmas around here without the return of Swirly the snowman. This year he is in tones of pinks and reds which was inspired by the color of candy canes.

For anyone who lives in the area and wants to check out the collection early, we will be doing our first Holiday craft show of the season, on Saturday November 19th at the Wellesley Marketplace, here in MA.

We are also going to try and Facebook book through out the day on Saturday about all the goings on of our craft show so make sure you stop by our Facebook page.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love the 'joy' banner. I'm working on a larger paper one for my mantel and so it caught my eye. Neat detail!

  2. Thanks Michelle. Sounds great we would love to see a picture of your finished garland.

  3. I'm the Queen of Unfinished Projects. I hope it gets done by Christmas....of 2011. :)

  4. We know what you mean. There never seems to be enough time.


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