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Friday, October 28, 2011

Crafting on a BUCK!

Only three days left till Halloween! Oh Boy! Hard to believe that we woke up to snow today here in Massachusetts! Yikes! We are hoping it will warm up a bit before Monday or else it's will be a very chilly trick or treating stroll!

We've noticed recently a lot of these big stores (Target and Michael's) having dollar sections areas in their stores that are very popular. Having two kids we are always on the lookout for simple and easy craft projects that they can enjoy during the Holidays. Even with all the supplies we have here at the studio sometimes these quick crafts are a no brainer and a huge time saver.
He are a few that we picked up:

Do you remember doing these neat light catchers as a kid? You got all these little beads and tried to fill them in the metal frame without having them spill into the other colors. Well for a buck you can spill away! Our 6 yr old really enjoyed making his own version of these faux stained glass pieces and then watching the beads melt into the colors in the oven. These were at Micheal's for only a $1 and occupied him for an hour!

Also at Micheal's were these wood pumpkins. Perfect size to hang in your window. Our little artists had fun painting them and seeing them hung up with pride.

We not only found crafts but decor too. These Halloween themed balloons were a HUGE hit. They've been played with so much that a few had popped or got a tear in them. But we didn't mind going back to the store and picking up a few more!

And lastly, your drink will ALWAYS taste better when sipped through a skeleton straw!

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!

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