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Friday, September 9, 2011

Check out our Tweet little shadow box

We thought we would share with you a quick little project we did this week for a friends daughters 3rd birthday gift using one of our swirly ornaments.

Our friend really liked our Swirly birds ornament we created for our Spring collection. Unfortunately we sold out of the designs before she could order one. So we told her we would create another one. By the time we got around to creating a new one, her little girls birthday was coming up. Perfect we thought, we can create a cute shadow box so she can hang it in her room all year long. It's very simple and with a few supplies you too can create this tweet little shadow box.

We picked up a simple white shadow box frame at our local craft store along with a piece of scrapbook paper, some paint, embellishments & tissue paper. Take the frame apart and set the glass aside until your done. Use the background cardboard of the frame as a template for your scrapbook paper. We used Mod Podge to glue the paper to the cardboard. Then we dry brushed with white paint over the scrapbook paper to dull down the pattern a little.

We then cut up small rectangle and square shapes out of tissue paper.

Using Mod Podge again, we glued the tissue on the top and bottom of the frame for a punch of color . Then we painted a light green wash around the front and two sides of the frame.

The shadow box came with a thin piece a paper for the frame mat. You can use that paper as a template on a piece of really nice decorative paper. We picked a metallic white glitter cardstock and embellished it with paper flowers.

The creativity is endless when decorating your frame. Just remember you want to make sure the frame compliments your artwork/ornament and not competes with it.

The frame is now complete and all that is left is hot gluing the ornament to the background. Assemble the frame and hang it on your wall!

We hope Catherine will enjoy this for years to come. Happy Birthday!
~Lianne & Paul

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