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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter eggs & crafts with the kids

It's been a busy few weeks around here with school vacation and preparing for Easter, all while we are in the middle of a major reorganizing project in our studio closet (we'll post pictures of that project soon). With Easter only two days away we wanted to squeeze a few fun projects for our little ones this week.

egg decorating:
Always a fun treat and the kids love it but this really requires a lot of preparation ahead of time if you want to do the really fancy stuff so we just stuck to the basics. We had approx 5 dozen eggs - half of them boiled while the other half were blown out.

Our little guy always prefers his hands for dipping the eggs instead of the wire holders.

Our two year old got the hang of it very quick and then became very bored with the whole thing.

The white eggs turned into colored eggs very quickly!

Letting the eggs drip dry on a styrofoam piece with tooth picks works really well. We got the idea from a similar one we found on the Martha Stewart site.

Craft projects:
Today we spent the morning doing some quick craft projects. Our two and our five year old's attention span for doing craft projects is very limited these days, so the faster the project is the better.

We made paper eggs and painted them with water colors and dot markers.

This fun paper bag birds nest idea from Family Fun magazine was a perfect quick project for the kids. We spent some time outside collecting branches in the yard and glued them on a crumpled up paper bag.

it's another way to display your painted eggs.

How funny are these little bunnies! Using a white paper bag, some googly eyes, white and pink felt, stickers and pom poms (for the tail) you can make your own cute bunny puppet!

Happy Easter Crafting!!

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