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Monday, January 10, 2011

Love is in the works

With a new year brings new ideas. Christmas has come and gone here at the studio (we do actually have a few designs left over from last years collection here if you are still interested)

We are now in full Valentine's Day mode. These past few weeks we have been sketching out some new ideas for Valentine's Day. We've been creating Valentine's for quite a few years now so it's a bit of a challenge coming up with new approaches for this holiday of love.

This is one of the few holidays where everyone expects to see lots of hearts and colors of reds & pinks ... but we are fine with that! It's what we want as well! From what we can see, we think you will be very happy with this years collection.... if all goes well they will be online Feb 1st.

Here I am sketching away in our favorite sketch book on a chilly sunny morning. We'll fill approx one sketch book up designing a years worth of collections (around 4-5 holidays) so when we start designing a new collection we will flip through some of the past books to see if we have any ideas that we can incorporate into our new collection. From these little sketches we will start picking out possible pieces for our new collection and we will redraw them bigger and fine tune the designs.

Here is a sneak peak of this years collection. The sketches on the white paper were selected from our sketches. We look at all of them together so we can make sure there is a nice mix of designs that range in sizes and colors. We try to incorporate new materials to our ornaments like crepe paper, beads or resin.

When we start creating in clay, we have a variety of tools to work with as well as custom templates. All the white hearts you see on our table we made because even with all the heart shaped cookie cutters out there we still couldn't find the right shape that we wanted so we made our own.

This is where we are in the making of this years designs. We still have a lot to do in next few weeks before our launch on February 1st. Never a dull moment around here in the studio.

How is your week going?


  1. Wow - just found y'all through Twitter of all things, then realized I've seen your work in various places...Inspired Ideas/Holiday Crafts/etc - LOVE what you do and I love seeing the process. Can't wait to see the continuing evolution of your Valentine's collection plus all the goodies you have planned for Spring!

    Happy creating!


  2. Thanks for sharing your process... for me that is the best part!


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