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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Studio clean up continues... Holiday idea binders

There is something about the last week of the year that we really get hit with the organizing and cleaning bug.

We are still waiting for the quote to come back for the shelving in the studio closet, which will be a much larger project, so in the meantime we have been taking on smaller projects like organizing our holiday inspirational binders.

We love having a place where we can flip through pages of inspiring images of holiday "stuff" like interesting tree displays, ornaments, color trends and articles. Anything that inspires us to get our creative juices flowing

So we needed to come up with a system to gather all our holiday images/articles etc we acquire through the years.

As you know we love collecting holidays magazines. Our rule of thumb is, if the magazine has at least 75% of it's content dedicated to the holiday we'll keep it whole, but all the other the magazines that only have a few pages of holiday images are perfect for the binders.

A few years ago we stocked up on these Russell Hazel binders to hold our holiday inspirations. The white binder is everything Christmas and the green has Valentine's , Easter, Halloween and other holidays.

We picked up a box of clear sheet protectors (we got this box at staples 200 sheets for $10.00) and if we wanted more sections in our binder we can add dividers.

a label maker makes everything look neat and professional

Tip: for all your small pictures or swatches use a 8.5 x 11 white copy paper and tape your images to so they don't slid in the protectors. Kinda of like a scrapbook but with a whole lot less planning and layout.

Yes we are already thinking of Valentine's and a few flips through this section helps us feel the love and to get our minds thinking Valentine's. These pages have catalog images, paint swatches, ads, stickers etc.

here is a sample of our Easter section

Halloween: we have everything from treat bags to scrapbook paper any items that are 3D we store in another bin that we blogged about here.

Here are some of the Christmas pages

I hope that we have inspired you to create inspirational binders of your own!

Happy New Year!


  1. I don't even have time right now and I keep organizing things in my studio. It must be an after Christmas thing to do. All the stores seem to have specials on their organizers and bins right now, so might as well jump on the bandwagon and get things tidied.

    Love your idea binders. I have something similar for all the things I have on my wish list. A portable Dream Board so to speak. But I love the way you've organized your clippings from holiday magazines according to the season. Very good idea!

    On the topic of holiday magazines, I received your giveaway magazine from Matthew Mead just the other day. Thank you! It is a wonderful source of inspiration. It was great to see your fabulous ornaments, featured in it as well!

    Have a great time with your continued organizing. Can't wait to see what you do with the closet!

  2. Happy New Year Cindy! Glad you received and enjoying the magazine. Yeah we can figure out either why we get into this cleaning mood this time every year. I guess we are so exhausted from the holidays that we just need to do something mindless. Happy New Year

  3. The plastic sleeved binders are a re great idea.I had started a reference filing cabinet with separate files for different subjects for my illustration but the occasion or season idea is good too. Once I collect enough I will certainly take your tip on board.Thanks for sharing.


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