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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brimfield Show Part II HOLIDAY finds

While browsing Brimfield or any other fair or yard sale we are always on the hunt for anything to do with Holiday decor. We didn't find a whole lot of that here at Brimfield, but the little we found was either not jumping out at us or a little pricey for what we wanted to pay.
We are so not the bargaining types when it comes to these shows. I know, I know everyone talks about how bargaining is the fun part. We feel that they mark the items for a reason and when you question a price on an item they always come down on a price so for us to counter offer.. this seem very weird. Maybe it's the artist in us but when we do shows we don't appreciate it when people try to bargain with our ornament prices.

Anyway, here are some fun Holiday finds we did come across.

This collector was also a fellow designer who had these wonderful vintage Holiday postcards. We regret not picking some of these up. We could have framed them for our new studio space.
Here are some Christmas images above



There were so many more we wanted to take pictures of but we didn't want to offend him.

some fun Santas

Hey does any one need an extra elf on the shelf ?

We did see lots of glass bulbs but we didn't have the time to see if they were really vintage or not.

These Easter bunny chocolate molds were awesome. What a fun displays these would make.

More holiday odds and ends

This booth looked like it was chalk full of Holiday decor but of course by the time we came to it they were packing up for the day so we only were able to catch a glimpse of a few of the items

check out this small soft tinsel tree

Holiday finds... aren't they great?
Tell us what Holiday finds you have come across over the years?

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