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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Giveaway

Let’s start this party off right...
with a GIVEAWAY!!
We will be giving away one of our handmade Halloween ornament to a lucky party goer who leaves a comment on our blog sharing something to do about Halloween (an idea, tip memory... whatever). Then at the end of the party we will pick one winner and send them our Creepy the Spider ornament just in time for Halloween. ~ Goul Luck!!

Creepy the spider was inspired by our little (actually not that little) mascot we have hanging on our window. Really CREEPY!!!


  1. What a fun ornament. I love pumpkin carving and making pumpkin seeds with my kids.

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  2. Love that little creepy especially as hes not a real one, Linda :)

  3. Love that little creepy especially as hes not a real one, Linda :)

  4. I grew up in St. Louis, so Halloween was cold. Every costume had to fit over a heavy winter coat. It kinda took the magic out it. Luckily, here in Cal., the kids don't even need long sleeves.

  5. He is adorable!You two are seriously clever!

  6. Thanks for sharing.
    We love visiting yor blog.

    We love Halloween we had the best time when we came over to the US
    to visit our freinds in Provincetown for Halloween. We really enterd into the sprit of the
    Holiday and had great fun.

  7. Too cute! Now, that's the kind of spider I like!

    When my kids were smaller, my inlaws often hosted a pumpkin carving party for all the grandkids and also many of the neighborhood kids too. Each child got his own pumpkin and a sharpie to draw on a face. (And to prevent the need for a trip to the ER, the adults did the carving. :) It was always soooo funny to watch the reactions of different children when it came time to scoop out the gooey contents from the pumpkins!! You had some daredevils who dove in hands first and others much less willing to get messy. Wonderful memories for so many kids (and grown-ups too!)

    Next to Christmas, it was always the highlight of the year.

    I would be thrilled to have a chance to win one of your precious creations.



  8. I love this spider--my cat's name is kreepy so it fits;-) I'm going to two halloween parties this year--one as a black widow spider!


  9. I just found your blog and I am in LOVE! saw your ad in the holiday issue of Stampington mag. Halloween is my fav. holiday and I would love to own one of your ornaments.
    debbi g

  10. Halloween comes Around once a Year. Lets all Celebrate with Lots of Cheer. Treats to Gather and Tricks to Play. Send me the Spider named Kreepy and Make my Day! Great to See You on Facebook! Melissa

  11. That little spider is ADORABLE! Love it! Hmm.. As far as memories go, I will never forget the laughter of when I was very little and carving a pumpkin. We had just gotten two puppies and as I scooped out the goo, the puppies ate gobbled it all!

  12. Every year since we were kids we have played the same creepy halloween sounds tape on Halloween with scary creaking , chainsaws and screams as well as lab sounds. Its very scary and the kids love it. It isn't halloween without it.


  13. everything you make is too cute! would love to have one of your ornaments.


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