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Friday, May 29, 2009

Swirly Designs top 5 favorite Martha Stewart craft tools

In celebration of the New Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Craft book and being such Martha admirers we thought it would be fun share our top 5 favorite Martha craft tools we love to use here in the Swirly studio.

I'm sure everyone has their own list and we would love to here from you on what are your go-to tools when working in your craft studio.

Favorite Craft Tool .......

A self healing 12 x 12 cutting board.
At first we didn't think we would use this product because our craft table has a huge cutting board covering it, but what is great about this is that it's small enough to take it anywhere. And as you know once you get into a project somehow your desk disappears under all work and stuff and if you need top cut something out you can place it on the floor or an empty space and cut away!

#4 Favorite Craft Tool .......

Martha has a huge selection of paper punches.
You really can find almost any kind of image. We tend like to simpler shapes like the scalloped circle or the tag shape– shapes we might be able to use with our ornaments. The handle is comfortable to use and the blades are sharp. We were even able to cut out felt with one of the punches.

#3 Favorite Craft Tool .......

Is actually a tie between the Baker's Twine and the Holiday white glitters.

We love this baker's twine. It's so cute to tie up a little gift box. We have also used it for some of our mini ornament designs. Not only did it come in the peppermint stripe but also came in Halloween colors and assorted colors.

Everyone loves glitter and Martha has come out with a beautiful palette of colored glitters but for us here we tend to use mostly the white clear glitters so the painting and colors of the ornaments comes through. The winter set came with crystal, snow and marble glitters that resemble old vintage glitters.

#2 Favorite Craft Tool .......

Precision craft scissors
Here in the studio we have a lot of scissors and definitely some are better then others. Some scissors are used to cut different materials etc. These scissors are exactly what it says precision. They come with a cover to protect that fine tip and be warned these are not for young kids... they are extremely sharp and we know that from experience... ouch!! They cut the tiniest of string and because they come to a point you can reach into corners.

And now for the #1 Swirly Designs pick for their Favorite Craft Tool..

drumroll please......

Artist Glue Pens
Yes, a little weird I know. But for us, when we were looking for a better way to apply glue to our ornaments without ruining another paint brush these glue pens were our saving grace. These work wonderfully! You can apply glue to an small area and sprinkle with glitter and you don't have to worry about your glue and brush drying up. Our only suggestion is you might want to pick up quite a few because they do tend to run out pretty fast. And if the tip is applied onto a rough surface it can become a little ragged.

So there you go. Swirly Designs' favorite Martha craft tools that we enjoy. What are your favorite tools to use in your craft studio?

Maybe we make this a running series of our favorite things.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Can you cut thin sheets of clay with these punches? I have tried another brand, but the space was too small to slide the clay in.

  2. Hello Jell Bean
    That is a great question. We haven't tried using it on clay yet. The space to feed paper through is smaller then 1/8 thick but if the clay is stiff enough and coated with corn starch/baby powder you never know.

  3. Wow, great products! I'll have to check them out. Enjoy your day. Oh, it's Sierra from Stampington. I wanted to stop by your blog! :)


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