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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall is here and we are all sick!! Plus Paul's seminar review

Ahh, Fall. The weather is getting cooler the leaves are starting to turn. Apple and pumpkin picking season is in full swing and here at the Swirly studio we are all sick!!! That is the main reason for the delay on the blog. We want to and really try to update this weekly, but some weeks are harder than others.

Besides all being sick, we did still manage to keep busy. Paul finished two illustration projects and we are in the thick of production with our ornaments. We are just about finished choosing the pieces we will have in our new baby and holiday 2008 collection. More on that when we get closer to our release date (Nov 1st).

Paul here: On our last post we mention that I would be attending a workshop by Carol Eldridge Designs on Art Licensing. Check out Carol's website she gave a great detailed descriptions with photos of the days event. I would highly recommend attending one of Carol's future seminars if you have any interest at all about marketing or licensing your artwork. She has been around for a while and knows her stuff. She was honest and was very open to answer any and all questions (even my crazy ones!). She had many informative stories and lots of samples to see. Plus she served a wonderful lunch and gave us all a booklet of her presentation, which I was very grateful since I am horrible about taking good notes.

Seminars are a great way to get yourself back on track again and motivate yourself. We have been tossing the idea around for years of how we should take our swirly designs and put them on products and now I think we have the know how do just that. Thanks Carol!!

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