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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swirly Designs experiences a little R+R in San Diego, CA

Before we plow head on into our holiday ornament production, we were able to take a little time off for a trip to San Diego with the little guy. Here are a few shots of our fun filled vacation.

First time on the plan and he was a trooper and a natural. Sit back relax and chill.

We're here!! The weather is always nice and sunny in SD...of course the first few days was rainy and cool!

Traveling with a child forces you to appreciate and explore everything over again. We were always searching for fun places to see, the like the beaches, amusement parks even the local library!

Here is Gryffin at the world famous San Diego Zoo.
Our favorite attraction by far were those happy-go-lucky hippos!

A brand new attraction just came to SeaWorld in San Diego: Seame Street Bay of Play section. Gryffin was in heaven!!

And what's a visit to CA without hitting the beach-clothes and all.

We had a wonderful time in CA. Not to sure we would ever
move there. As designers, it would be a bit challenging for us thinking of Christmas in 80 degree weather.

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