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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Making of our Springtime collection

Even though Easter has come and gone,
we thought we would like to start the new blog
explaining a little of how these ornaments are created.

We start each design with a sketch. From
there we create each ornament using a mixture
of different white polymer clays.

This one is going to be a St.Patrick's bunny since
Easter was so early this year.

After baking, the next step after sanding the
ornaments is the painting stage.

The painted ornaments are done, waiting to be varnished with a high gloss.

then we add embellishments to our designs– like glitter,
danglers, ribbons etc.

glitter adds a fun sparkle to each ornament.

Here is what the final ornament looks like. This piece had
a paper ribbon embellishment.
If you want to more about our process click here.

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